Work: Social Media, Video Editing, Website Maintenance, Photography & Art Direction
Location: Oldham, Manchester
Date: 2021 - 2023


As a social media content creator and graphic designer for Bespoke Wedding Invites, I specialise in creating visually appealing and engaging content to promote the brand across various platforms. My skills include art direction, photography, graphic design, and video editing, keeping up with the latest trends and utilising Instagram to its full potential to grow the brand.

My experience includes filming and photography, editing videos and creating Reels, and managing Google Ads and SEO. I am committed to showcasing the brand in unique and innovative ways to attract more customers and increase engagement.

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Work: Logo & Branding 
Location: Manchester
Date: 2022

Revita Skin is an aesthetic clinic in Oldham. I designed their logo to create a professional and rejuvenating brand image, reflecting their dedication to advanced skincare solutions with a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Work: Pattern Design, Print and Typography
Location: Manchester
Date: 2021

For my final year project, created during the lockdown, I aimed to showcase my culture.

Nepal boasts a rich cultural heritage, with 101 ethnic groups speaking over 92 languages. Conserve is a book that showcases the traditional patterns of different ethnic groups living in Nepal. The book focuses on 14 specific castes in Nepal, and each pattern featured represents the customs and traditions of that group.

Work: Branding, Workshop, Social Media 
Location: Manchester
Date: 2021


I organised a creative workshop for Bhutanese youth as a volunteer for Bhutanese Welfare Association. The workshop aimed to engage them in creative exercises, using themes of identity from our culture to inspire them to explore opportunities in the creative sector.

The workshop was successful, with 25 youth attending and expressing interest in pursuing a career in the field. I also created a platform that is now being used by BWA to provide training and support for young Bhutanese in the creative field.

We also won a Highly Commended award on Creative Conscience. HERE

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Work: Logo Design
Location: Manchester
Date: 2023

Introducing the brand identity I’ve crafted for @s.a_design__ personal interior design Instagram account

The logo is a perfect reflection of her one-of-a-kind style and incredible attention to detail, while the font features elegant curved edges that capture her love for design.

︎Prasanya Giri 2023
Manchester, UK